Programming FPGA


To program the FPGA, use iMPACT software. iMPACT can be run using Configure Target Device:


When you see the following message:

just press OK.


Leave the next window without modification, only press Finish:


iMPACT will connect withJTAG chain of Spartan3 Starter Board and it should detect two devices in the chain: FPGA (3s200) and configuration memory xcf02s. You will be asked to supply the configuration files for both of those devices.


For 3s200 select the generated *.bit during implementation. This file is located in the main project directory.




For memory device xcf02s do not specify any file, just press Bypass:


If the window Programming Properties appears, just click OK:


The correctly detected chain with the assigned moj_schemat.bit file used as example, should look as follows:



To program the FPGA, right-click on FPGA 3s200 and select  Program:

After successful programming, you should see the message: "Program succeeded"