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Selected CAD software available at the Department

ISE from Xilinx (

  • schematic, state machine and HDL editor,
  • IP Core generator
  • logical synthesis ISE
  • implementation (Place&Route)
  • timing analyzer
  • FPGA editor
  • FPGA programmer
ISE Foundation

EDK from Xilinx (

  • software solution for designing embedded processing systems,
ISE Foundation

CADENCE from Cadence (

  • LDV package - logical simulation and verification of digital ASIC (Verilog-XL, NC Verilog/VHDL/SystemC, AMS Designer, Verifault-XL)
  • SPR package - synthesis, Place & Route, (PKS - Physically Knowledgeable Synthesis)
  • DSMSE package - place & route (Silicon Ensemble)
  • SOC package - synthesis and implementation of SoC ASIC
  • SEV package - extraction of parasitics, power supply analysis (Fire&Ice, VoltageStorm, SignalStorm)
  • IC package - environment for ASIC design (Composer, Analog Artist, Virtuoso, Diva, Dracula)
  • SNA package - substrate noise analysis