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LED display driver

Task: The main goal of this exercise is to develop sub-block of a circuit driving 4 digits of LED display for use in next lab exercises.
To check the functionality, the sub-block has to be embedded in a circuit enabling setting (with switches and buttons) and displaying on LED display of Spartan 3 board any hex number with decimal points.

Widok płytki
Fig. 1 Picture of Digilent Spartan 3 board

Fig. 2 Toplevel block diagram

To test the project, the circuit providing the following functionality must be added:
  1. Switches SW3, SW2, SW1, SW0 set a 4-bit value.
  2. After pressing BTN3, the value set with switches SW3-SW0 should be displayed on digit AN3 in hexadecimal radix. Similarly, the button BTN2 should work with AN2, BTN2 with AN1 and BTN0 with AN0. After pressing a button, the display should constantly show the value, until the next pressing of a button.
  3. Switching of SW7 should highlight digital point DP of display AN3. Switching off SW7 should switch off digital point DP of display AN3. The same behaviour should also be for: SW6 -> DP AN2, SW5 -> DP AN1, SW4 -> DP AN0.

Basic block of display driver should have the following interface (will be used in next exercises):

Schemat blokowy
Fig. 3 Display driver interface

Port description: