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Frequency divider

Task: Design a circuit dividing the input clock by N.

- Provide duty cycle of the output signal as close as possible to 50% (for even N duty cycle should be exactly 50%, for odd N duty cycle should be 50% with accuracy of 1 input clock cycle).

- Enable easy change of N (e.g. by constant or generic).

- The divider must have asynchronous reset.

- Create separate testbench module, which generates all the signals necessary to test the divider. Testbench is not synthesisable.

- Before implementation, run the simulation using testbench. In simulation only, decrease N to speed up the simulation.

- To check the divider, divide 50MHz clock to obtain blinking LED LD7 with frequency of 1Hz.

- Implement the design.

UCF file, Digilent Spartan-3, Spartan-3 3S200 FT256-4:
NET "clk_i" LOC = "T9" ; # 50 MHz clock
NET "rst_i" LOC = "L14" ; # active high
NET "led_o" LOC = "P11" ; # active high