SystemC Environment




Perform behavioral simulation of 8-bit Johnson counter using the SystemC environment.

Write proper testbench and present the simulation results to the instructor (use GTKWave application).


More information about SystemC can be found here:

Here you can find installation files for SystemC version 2.2.0 (you have to register):


GTKWave viewer of the simulation waveforms, can be downloaded here:


Simple example of simulation in SystemC can be downloaded here: sysc_example.tgz


Extract the file, then run the make application (working directory should be the same as the main directory of the example). This will compile the example files. Then start the application run_me which will start the simulation.


The results of the simulation will be written to the wave.vcd file which can be viewed by GTKWave application:


gtkwave wave.vcd


Below GTKwave application during the simulation result browsing session is presented: