SystemC Environment




Perform a behavioral simulation of 8-bit Johnson counter using the SystemC environment.

Write a proper testbench and present the simulation results to the instructor (use  GTKWave application).


More information about SystemC can be found at:


For viewing the simulation results use the GTKWave waveform viewer available on the desktop (software can be downloaded from:


A simple example of a simulation in SystemC can be found here: sysc_example.tgz


This example should be unpacked into any directory, then run make program in this directory (to compile the example files) and run the generated simulator program: ./run_me  (to perform the simulation).


The results of the simulation will be written to the wave.vcd file which can be viewed by GTKWave application:


gtkwave wave.vcd


Exercise can be done by modifying the above example.


The following is a GTKwave window when you view the simulation results of the above example: