This WWW server...

We are using NCSA httpd 1.3 (formerly httpd 1.1) WWW server running on DECstation 5000.

This server "lives" as an experimental server till 19 February 1994, and still is under construction. Here is a list of clients which have accessed our server.

We are Gumbeers - this is the name of our domain.

All documents on this server are dated using format, so 06.V.1994 means that a document was recently modified on 6 May 1994.

There is no Webmaster, so don't send e-mail to

Please check the list and meaning of active icons you can find here.

Please send all your comments about this server to me.

Some people here have their home pages.

Future plans:

When will we do all this things? Don't ask - in the future!
miko - 06.V.1994