Tcl7.6 C API Man Page -- Backslash (n)
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Tcl_Backslash - parse a backslash sequence


#include <tcl.h>

Tcl_Backslash(src, countPtr)


char *src (in) Pointer to a string starting with a backslash.

int *countPtr (out) If countPtr isn't NULL, *countPtr gets filled in with number of characters in the backslash sequence, including the backslash character.


This is a utility procedure used by several of the Tcl commands. It parses a backslash sequence and returns the single character corresponding to the sequence. Tcl_Backslash modifies *countPtr to contain the number of characters in the backslash sequence.

See the Tcl manual entry for information on the valid backslash sequences. All of the sequences described in the Tcl manual entry are supported by Tcl_Backslash.


backslash, parse

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