[incr Tcl] Mailing List

If you have a comment or a question about [incr Tcl], you can send it out to the [incr Tcl] mailing list. This is simply a group of developers interested in [incr Tcl]. Quite often, someone else has encountered your problem and has a solution.

You can join the mailing list by sending a mail message like this:

  mail -s subscribe itcl-request@tcltk.com

After that, you can send out messages like this:

  mail itcl@tcltk.com

To un-subscribe from the mailing list, do the following:

  mail -s unsubscribe itcl-request@tcltk.com

The [incr Tcl] Mailing List is now being archived at:


Thanks to Matthew Frohman and Alfredo Jahn at WebNet Technologies for maintaining this list. WebNet is one of the many heroes of the [incr Tcl] development community.