Politechnika Gdanska

Welcome to Politechnika Gdanska, Faculty of Electronics

This is an experimental server so far, so there is not too much information. However, if you are interested in some informations about Technical University of Gdansk (Politechnika Gdanska), You can connect to our gopher server (some of informations are in Polish), or to main www server of PG.

We are at Faculty of Electronics, therefore we read informations from The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Electrical Engineering and Computing.

We offer also some useful informations concerning Internet services and Unix services . If you are new to the Internet, here is Big Dummy Guide.

You can read some informations about Poland or check Polish Home Page, or go to other Polish WWW-servers.

This is our very local home page (and that is why it is in Polish).

More about Electronics at Politechnika Gdanska.

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