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Applications built with Tcl/Tk come together with relative ease. A sticky note facility can be put together in an hour. A simple video game can be created in an afternoon. But as applications get larger, Tcl/Tk code becomes more and more difficult to understand, maintain and extend.

[incr Tcl] provides the extra language support needed to build large Tcl/Tk applications. It introduces the notion of objects, which act as building blocks for an application. Each object is a bag of data with a set of procedures or "methods" that are used to manipulate it. Objects are organized into "classes" with identical characteristics, and classes can inherit functionality from one another. This object-oriented paradigm adds another level of organization on top of the basic variable/procedure elements, and the resulting code is easier to understand and maintain.

The latest release offers better performance and a host of new features:

Since it was introduced in 1993, [incr Tcl] has become quite popular in the Tcl/Tk development community. There is a growing list of applications that rely on it.

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