The Laboratory of Integrated and Programmable Circuits EA308 was equipped with computer sets enabling remote access to the department's hardware resources. Remote computers are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Before connecting to a remote computer, it is necessary to make an appointment in the online calendar. The maximum session duration allowed is 2 hours.

After remote connection to a laboratory computer, the user gains access to the installed software and connected equipment. The connected FPGA test boards are equipped with a device for emulating the behavior of switches, buttons and keyboard. The device uses a microcontroller connected directly to the I/O ports of a general purpose FPGA board.

The emulation of physical input circuits is carried out by means of a dedicated application, which is accessed through a terminal that allows serial connection (eg. putty).

After developing the HDL code and uploading it to the board, the user can observe the behavior of the system live using a webcam, which can be activated at any time (depending on the needs).

Detailed information:

  1. Booking an appointment and logging in
  2. Assessment rules
  3. Remote work with FPGAs
  4. Selection of the board to be programmed
  5. Short design guide using FPGA

Machine Name in Remote Desktop

FPGA board with Nexys

FPGA board with Zybo VGA monitor connected to Nexys Link to the calendar
fpgalab101       Cal1
fpgalab102       Cal2
fpgalab103       Cal1
fpgalab104       Cal2
fpgalab105       Cal1
fpgalab106       Cal2
fpgalab107       Cal1
fpgalab108       Cal2
fpgalab109       Cal1
fpgalab110       Cal2
fpgalab111       Cal1
fpgalab112 Cal2
fpgalab113   Cal1
fpgalab114   Cal1

In order to obtain the login and password for the machines, please contact your laboratory supervisor.