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Lab exercises for 4th semester students:

ATTENTION: Files *.vhd from exercise from 1 to 9 must be sent to: in form "ex_XXX_name1_name2.vhd"

Exercises must be completed in the exact sequence from the table below.

Final deadline to complete exercises is on the last lab in the semester for each laboratory group.

During presentation of the results, students must prove that they are authors of the design. In any case of doubts, severe consequences will be enforced.

Exercise No.


Design entry

Approximate time


Exercise 1 Parity Generator schematic diagram 60 min. 2.0
Exercise 2 Counter in Gray code schematic diagram 60 min. 2.0
Exercise 3 Parity generator VHDL 60 min. 2.0
Exercise 4 Counter in Gray code VHDL 60 min. 2.0
Exercise 5 Frequency divider VHDL 90 min. 2.0
Exercise 6 LED Display Driver VHDL 90 min. 3.0
Exercise 7 Simple stop-watch VHDL 2x90 min. 3.5
Exercise 8 PS/2 keyboard readout
VHDL 2x90 min. 4.0
Exercise 9 Port RS-232
VHDL 2x90 min. 4.5
Exercise 10 Bitmap on VGA screen
VHDL 2x90 min. 5.0

Additional information: